The couple from The Notebook was in my office today

I work at an optometry office, today I came into work and there was a couple waiting to see the doctor. The wife was talking to herself and would blurt out random words or talk to nothing in front of her. Her 88 year old husband is one of our patients and he went inside the exam room with the doctor. The staff and I both expressed worry not knowing if she would be okay by herself.


My co-worker looks at me and says “his wife has Alzheimer’s”


My heart squeezed. It was just like The Notebook. I looked at the woman as she spoke to no one, staring and pointing at the wall with a sense of loss on her face, a loss of herself. I wrapped up the eye exam and said goodbye to the man, right next to us is his wife talking to herself. He would interrupt me to say “yes hun”, “shh shh”, “okay we’re going very soon”. The man slowly guided his partner outside of the office and I watched him talk to her even though she wasn’t sure what was going on.


The Notebook is real.


But these stories are quickly fading in our society. Technology (and the media) is destroying the beauty in this world. Mankind is actually destroying mankind but let’s not get into that. We’ve been brought up in a society of “now”. Internet, 24 hour news and social media… all these things make us live in the present which isn’t a bad thing but it doesn’t make anything last. Nothing stays relevant. We don’t hold onto anything, new trends come and go such as strange dance moves and nomination videos. What does this teach us? The dramatic increase in multimedia platforms and development in technology doesn’t allow anything to occur organically anymore. There’s a decrease in organic health, organic happiness, organic beauty as well as developing love organically. Our society has become accustomed to believe there are various supplements and steroids to become healthy. Use alcohol, weed and drugs to enhance or be happy. Fake nails, hair, lashes and plastic surgery to look beautiful. This is the “hook-up” generation and there are hundreds of dating sites and phone apps to find your potential partner. Social media plays a large role now too. Whether it’s 12 likes or 200 likes it makes an individual feel good about themselves and think if that one person they’re with doesn’t appreciate them, one of those 200 likes would want to be with them or maybe the person who’s been complimenting pictures or retweeting their tweets. Today’s relationships are full of sins. Men have wives, girlfriends, baby mamas, side chicks, and booty calls. Women have husbands, boyfriends, “side niggas” and booty calls. Our generation take these types of relationships as a joke, desensitizes infidelity and we don’t truly value what real love is.


I think back to watching that couple leave my office and wonder, they must have come a long way from when they first met. I want to be able to experience everything organically before all of this poisoned the whole world. To be happy organically, be comfortable in my own skin, and of course—to find love organically sounds like the most difficult thing to do.


One of the most important things I learned in university is “Technology is a tool” it’s neither good nor bad but it is what the user decides to do with it. Look around and see how we are using technology.