Let me paint you a picture

Let me paint you a picture
A sea of fire
And a land of sorrow
That’s all she sees ‘cause she don’t know how to let go
And so…
Only that and memories flow into her brain
So let’s take a stroll down memory lane
Don’t take this the wrong way and think I’m insane
Well… he knows I am but let’s not expose any names
Rewind back to 2009
Where I was fine—actually content, that no one was on my mind
Felt a little empty but got used to it over time
A strong defense system for a hollow state
The one time I put my guard down, turn around, got gunned down with no time to retaliate
Shit… then what happened to me occurred at an exponential rate
I was gone and now it’s his checkmate
The kids an evil genius you would have to agree
Yeah, you make me mad ‘cause look what you’ve done to me
Weird dreams and lack of sleep
Always afraid something bad is going to happen
Alright guys, I admit it then
Elizabeth Nguyen, really likes him
Now SHUT UP, I’m trying to finish this poem
Actually… I don’t know what this written is
And I really don’t know what THIS is
This is ridiculous
I assume that’s what you’re thinking right?
I apologize because this isn’t what I normally write
*sigh* I gotta finish this before I turn off the light and call it a night
So where was I?
Oh yes, Guard up, then this criminal comes along
And now I’m making this cheesy shit that could be mistaken for a love song
Feeling like something’s going to go wrong
I’m not accusing you of anything
It’s just… you know… a feeling
Let me paint you another damn picture
It’s a feeling of always being screwed over
Tired of the drug and getting sober
So if you’re not here for us then what are you here for?
Cut off the line now before I get hurt
And so to conclude, I hate you.  =)
For making me feel weak
So please take a seat
I hope you can stay but if not that’s okay
Cause I’ll wait for you to come back another day


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