Victims of the media

Over the years just cause of my slanted eyes and tone of skin
They think they know but they don’t know what’s within
I get the same looks, same jokes, same gossip
They think they know me, who I am, my life and what I worship
Constantly I get words thrown around and thrown at
NEVER words of sympathy, empathy or regret
They make actions with no consequence, take no offence to what’s said
Everyone just agrees with the media cause that’s what they’re fed
Gritting my teeth and holding myself back
No one knows that their stereotypical “truths” ain’t facts
Everyone’s blinded with entertainment to know what’s going on
Too amused to realize that when it’s all gone
They’ll be left alone and eat each other alive
Amusing themselves and feeding more lies
Getting lost into no where and can’t sort out the truth
Maybe they’ll finally realize that we weren’t the ones… and they were the fools


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