Before the storm comes

What’s the point of tryna make a point if they don’t listen to your opinion?
How can one believe another’s acts are based on good intentions?
Hypocritical, stubborn, difficult immature bitch
I can admit I’m all that
While you sit back and relax
And agree to all this shit
Cause you’ll only see what you wanna see
I know what sort of perspective and respect you have for me
Only remember what you want to remember
That’s right, you don’t need this shit from her!
“This is all one sided, I’m simple minded
Can be easily misguided
Fuck, I can’t play real poker, my emotions are too obvious, I can’t hide it”
That was sarcasm if you didn’t already know
Shocking? Yeah, the pill I’m giving you is a tough one to swallow
Apparently, I’ve been recently diagnosed with PMS and need a new prescription
This cathartic poetry writing is no longer the right medication
I’ve also been told that my sanity’s almost gone
There’s no cure for any of this but it’s being worked on
So all I can do now is try to behave and just reminisce
Think about what we’ve been through, who’ve I lost and what I do or don’t miss
Wait, how long’s it been? Have we made any progress?
Or have we being going in circles on the same platform?
The clouds are rolling in, its gunn be a dangerous storm
It’s not will everything be ‘okay’ after the storm goes…
It’s will nature still grow and will the sun shine brighter tomorrow?


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