Writer’s Block

Had and clear mind and a breath full of air,
Scrambling for words to describe a feeling that wasn’t there
Dark and hollow inside, a hole where my heart used to be
Tried to write a love song but the feeling wasn’t deep
For years I didn’t have enough to find the words
Because nothing I find in this world
Can make me believe in love again
Stuck on writer’s block until the end…
I was cold and dead, it wasn’t a behavior
But then you came with fire, you became my savior
Your heat relit my flame that was long gone
You held me and told me to hold on and be strong
You entered my life and brought me to realize
In no planned action but in a surprise
You’ve showed me a bigger, better picture
Opportunities I can take and purposes to serve
All in a blur, in a quick motion
And all in a moment
I’ve realized that you have owned it
Taken possession of my heart and my mind
All I can think of is me invest my time
Into you, being with you here, on the computer or on the phone
Whatever it is, stay connected to you and I’ll never feel alone
Before I didn’t have enough but only a pile of mess
Now I’ve got so much and can’t pick one word to express
What you are to me, no one would believe it
But in a blink of an eye you’re gone and I feel stupid
I fell into a deep hole, it’s getting dark and I fear
There’s no way out and you were never really here
Then I look up and your hands got a shovel
Turning what we had and what I called love into rubble
Burying me alive…
As I beg, plead and cry
Gasping for air but nothing’s flowing into my lungs
Throw a rope around my neck and my body gets hung
I’m already dead but you keep throwing down dirt and rocks
This is all my fault, I should have stuck with writer’s block.


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