Women and Body Image

Five foot two, seventeen year old female
Decent IQ and looks, but always fails
To see the truth from her brown eyes
Instead she’s blinded and trying to fit the same size
As the chicks on TV
But it’s impossible, or at least, unlikely
I’m a size small to a medium, fit a size 1 to a 3
But still feel insecure when they stare at me
It’s like they pick out all the flaws in one glimpse
And this behaviors been following me ever since
I was six, old enough to know when mother’s callin’ me fat
Still echoes in my head bet she doesn’t remember that.
Growing up with media flashing thin models in our faces
Forced into our brain so hard it can’t be erased
But it’s something we need to acknowledge as fake and
Just accept ourselves physically and appreciate what’s in the skin
We need to fix ourselves, fix this—doing this for my cousin
Nine years old, never complains and always smiling
But alone she told me as if she were secretly dying
Looking down, in a quiet and weak voice she states
‘My mommy told me I’m fat, I think I’m overweight”
My heart breaks and I’m overwhelmed with hate
Cause she says she’s bigger than the girls her age
And not going to grow up like the girls in her society
Pulling me back to eleven years ago as if she were me
This isn’t something we want to hear
We try our best to stay true but the media interferes
We have to pull out the plug so there’s no control
Ladies look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful
Cause trying to become what you can’t will become a burden
You got what you have for a good reason
Accept what’s possessed
And make the new generations process
The same thing, we can’t keep passing
This like it’s genetic
It’s a mental illness and we all know we can cure it


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