What a Trip Series

Time spent well or time well wasted?
I’d say wasted in all other cases
and this may be placed into the pile
Should I walk away and smile?
At the beginning of a laugh
Laughing at the fact that I thought I had something I didn’t actually have
Wanted it so bad I was blinded
Dismissed everything and got misguided
All one-sided, now wondering where I went
Now nothing justifies any actions
Unimportant and unpleasant
but occasionally blissful
Once felt beautiful
Caught up in your euphony
caught up in the world of you and me
But actions speak louder than words
and words are just words
So what are you ‘saying’?
cause I don’t ‘hear’ anything.
Being alone was a strength but became a downfall
Acceleration to independence been slowed down to a crawl
Reached destination: Desperate and Pathetic
Stepping on the pedal and flooring it
Drives pass it and not hitting walls or a pole
Solo and cold
but there’s sunshine at the end of the road
Still carrying on without that little something he stole…

PART TWO (Michael Baxter):

Time well spent or well wasted
Answer’s on the tip of my tongue, i still taste it
Played out, my chest just flails out
Heart on my sleeves cardiac arrest
… I bail out
What am I doin’?
I don’t wanna know
That little thing I stole, I can’t just let it go
Too easy and I’m complicated enough
Co-operation is rough
So I just fake it and bluff
What you said resonates
As my nerves detonate
So I simply sit and wait
In other words I hesitate
My times comin’ up you can bet on
It like the shit relied on Efron
Respect’s gone…
For you or for me? Take a guess
Take a chance, play a little Russian roulette
If you’re comfortable let
Me ease ya mind and I’m sure in time
You’ll find I’m not at all what you’d expect
So that little thing i stole you can have it
Just make sure you keep it close like a pin to a magnet
And that’s it, that’s all there is ‘cause
I’m burnt out, whatta fuckin’ trip that was…


It’s dark, heading to where the sunshine is
Heartless, I start to reminisce
Not just my heart but respect for you is gone
I knew you never loved me all along
Spending too much time writing these love songs
Realized that I’ve been going at this all wrong
Was always looking for any sort of sign
Couldn’t see anything cause I was blind
But my mind told me they were there
So I stayed thinking you really cared
Our story. I heard your side
What a bunch of bullshit, they were all lies
When it was time to leave your eyes never had sadness and sorrow
Used to neglect me, I’ll be better off on my own
What happened to who I fell for when we first met?
Fuck playing a little Russian roulette
I’m done playing games and I’ve been patient from the start
No, go ahead and keep my heart
And keep everything else from me that you had to take
So I can look at the empty space that’ll remind me of my mistakes

PART 4 (Michael Baxter):

‘Bullshit? Sorrow? Strong words
From a fragile girl so I find it absurd
That you hate me when it was all love
A month ago? Week ago?…
None of the above
Seems like yesterday my memory of us
But fuck that, the past is the past
So while you struggle to breath, I hazmat
“my whack ass” quote, unquote
and now you think what?
I’ll shake with some rhymes and some notes
You knew what this was, and who I was as well
But looked to me to define yourself
That was fine and swell
The Clark to your Lois
Your superman, but then you had to blow it
I’m done this flow shit
So quit your cryin’
I would apologize
But why waste my time tryin’
The apology still stands but I doubt you’d take it
And I’d end with I love you
But it’d be hard to fake it’

VIEW MICHAEL BAXTER’S WORK:  88 Magazine and blog


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