The World is our enemy

It’s as if time froze
And I’m stuck in this pose
In this situation
This state called depression
Mind’s blank, writer’s block
Cant’ blink, too much of a shock
With this new found info.
Everyone’s around but I’m still alone
Can’t take it anymore
Anxiety grows and grows
Next thing I know
I wake up to yesterdays tomorrow
Get up and go to a place where no one will find me
My fantasy, ecstasy, freedom from this racist, homophobic, stereotypical disease
*deep sigh* breathe easy
As if problems and conflicts have disappeared
Or at least no where near
Enough for me to hear
And warn everyone and fear
For the worst to come
To come is the end, that’s what we expect
Knowing what to expect, the society accepts
The result and destroy all we’ve built except
The enemy…
The disease, genocide, poverty, world hunger, the recession in the economy
The racism, sexism, homophobia, the media, the propaganda
These are the opponents, mental and physical
But we ignore and erase, cause our structure to crumble
I can see the truth, too much and I can only close my eyes
To all that is wrong and escape to my paradise
One… I … can’t possibly defeat all of the above
Can only sit on the sidelines watch the world wide suicide progress and each country blow up
One after another our structures deteriorate and fall, never to resurface
We’re all aware of the self-destruction but won’t admit to being the maker of the mess.


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