Who am I?
I don’t know anymore
It’s like the old me walked out the door
And someone else is now here
And she didn’t come to hear or say anything sincere
She’s just here, with an odd sense of vacancy
A strong urge to break out of the room and be free
But holds emptiness that doesn’t want but need…
To be filled
Yet still
She sits calmly with a vacant stare
Wondering if being put through this is fair
Of course not
And he knows
And so do they
So why does she stay?
Or…why did I leave and make her take my place?
She can become a monster any minute
Be the next beautiful tragedy any second
And leave a path of destruction without regret
Who is she?
She’s become the new me
She likes being me but I’m not sure if I like her…
She’s poisonous and injects venom in each spoken word
That’s why they don’t want her to speak at all
So now she’s out for blood, wanting to leave them to crawl.


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