Running from the Pain

Miserable girl in her room lying on her bed

Crying to sleep she hears messages in her head

“There’s no reason to live there’s no reason to go on

If you run away now no one will miss you when you’re gone

Pack your backs and let my voice sink into you even more

Forget writing a letter and just go out the back door

Walk down the street and take the bus to another town

No second thoughts now no one will care if you’re not around

Get off at the club and buy a fake I.D

You got enough money so don’t worry

Down the street there’s a motel you can rent out a room

Don’t cry right now you’ll be happy soon

The turn around the corner and take what the man is giving you

Inject it in your arm and let it flow through

Hurts when you first put it in but after that you don’t feel a thing

Feeling so carefree now you wanna do something?

Go down to the club drink and keep on drinking

Don’t wonder what you’re doing let me do the thinking

Its time for you to take it easy and forget about your life”

But she cant help but wonder if after tonight she’ll survive

“What am I doing? Why am I listening to this voice?

It’s not like it’ll kill me, I can turn it off by choice

But I do wanna escape and leave this place

Agreeing to this and wiping the tears off my face

Thinking about all the pain I’m leaving behind

And how this is the last time it’ll be running through my mind”

So she hits the club, dances and keeps on drinking

Wakes up the next day at 11:30 in the morning

Next to a guy she’s never seen before

Under covers naked and clothes on the floor

The man got dressed, left his number and walked away

Leaving her in tears wondering why life was this way

15 year old girl had morals and a decent job

And now is at some hotel naked staring at a doorknob

Had her life planned out and now she’s miles away from home

And knowing what she did is making her feel so alone

She wants to go back but she doesn’t know where she is

Now thinking of all the shame she is to blame and all her sacrifices

Even though she knows it’s wrong she takes another to relieve stress

Release all the feelings held to her chest

Calling her house and no one is picking up

So she gets the feeling that she’s not loved

So she says “no one cares I’ll hit the club again”

Losing touch with reality and letting drugs take over her brain

Day after day waking up with different men

Not knowing their names and drugs were her only friends

And the voice inside her just rose and rose

Till one day she stacked up on cocaine and died of overdose


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