Renaissance series

The Death

I’m itinerant, I’m insidious
People all around hate but they’re still curious
Curious to hear what I say,
To know what’s in my brain
To see if I’m feeling pain, to find out if I’m heartless
They stay away cause they know what I have is contagious
Cause once you get infected you want more, tryna entice me
As I’m leaving you frozen by my actions, frozen by my euphony
I laugh at each person I play, I downgrade, I downsize
All you say I changed, that I’m someone you don’t recognize
Well the old me is dead and gone, she was buried alive
Society knocked her head with a shovel, started digging and screaming “DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE”
So she’s underground but this bitch is in her place speaking a eulogy
Talking to the grave “Miss I knew you well and I’ll do what you couldn’t, that you best believe”
So here it is, She’s gone and the bitch is out
Girls go get your shit ready and start runnin’ your mouth
Boys be good boys and stay inside
And if it’s too late then go run and hide.

The After-Death…

*Thump… Thump… Thump…*
Where is she?
“The bitch” still stands in her place.
Taking care of what’s left.
The eulogy and final words were said.
*Thump… Thump…Thump…*
A faint sound of a heartbeat….

Now she faces her alter-ego.
The heartless bitch that doesn’t give a shit and lets everyone know
That the gatekeeper who chained her and kept her calm
after 4 long years is now gone
She’s been on her own, won every fight and killed every man
The bitch is taking over her life and doesn’t give a damn
It’s the battle between the two personas
Whoever wins gets to own it all
One has a reputation of betrayal and deception
only causes destruction and has no progression
The other was innocent and always forgotten
lived in shadows and wore failure like a trend

The battle’s getting intense and no one can help
It’s no longer about who wins but who is the true-self


Shot, left bleeding, left behind
No one cares- so scared outta my mind
Knocked out cold
“1…2…3 –K.O-“
Finished, useless, thrown into the hell pit
Gone for years so it’s done and that’s it

BACK. Revived, no longer dead
Still with no love, no one cares, nothings said
Here for revenge. Back for each person that shot me
Bloodshot eyes, carrying ammunitions endlessly
Each line equals one bullet to a head
I’M crackin’ skulls
All your talk is bull
Keep talkin’ shit I’ll pull out a bowl
Spoon feed you till you get full
It don’t affect me, my heart died long ago
In the pits of hell I learned to ride solo
So what’s there to do now bitch? What’s there to say
Go ahead say I’m a slut, a bitch, an emo, fucked up Asian for days
You done now? Alright see you later have a nice day!
Come back again, there’s nothing new I haven’t heard
Get all your lil hater groupies and all you can concur
Fact of the matter is I’m back and it’s killing you
Back with war scars but more like a sword ‘cause I’m piercing through
Blood shed, murder, it’s clear to see who did this
Standing on the rubble it’s this lyricist
Shotgun in my left and pen in my right
I finally won the war, because I lost a fight.

Post-War Effect

Went through hell and back, just for revenge
Shot them in the head and any survivors left cringe
Step one is complete now time for the next stage

I’ve opened my eyes to see a clearer picture
sorted the truth from the lies and made goals for a better future
Tied up all the loose ends so nothing can pull me back
Not taking any roads ’cause I’m leading the path
Too focused to let any more shit phase me
Taking my risks ’cause there’s no choices with safety
No time for dogs I’ve set my priorities straight
I don’t got a cold heart– got no heart that’s just my current state
Focused, no distractions. I’m walking over dead bodies
Murdering anything that tries to stop me
Can see it now- no use on trying to quit
Slowly reachin’ my goal and with every step a match is lit
Leaving a path of destruction and fear all around
Let you know what you try to build against me will burn to the ground


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