Loss of Self

I’ve lost the desire to do all..
to be all..
But most of all…
Lost the desire to be myself…
to be me

What motivates me as the day progresses?
Will there ever be goals that I can achieve?
Will there be a time where I can dismiss
all the sadness, anger and things I’ve done wrong?
Give me the clock to freeze time so I can become strong
ripped heart, teary eyed, worn out mind.. too tired to go on

what happened?
What’s happened to me now?

Too tired to hold the pencil to the page..
can only let tears fall from my face

Someone’s taken everything that I hold dear
screaming like an idiot but no one cares to hear

Trembling body, clenching to what’s left
darkness takes it away and sentenced me to death

But lord said death is the easy way out.
So here I am, my heart your toy.. my pain with no mouth


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