From Heart to Stone

Ordinary air and only silence surrounding one being
But inside a whole different world is occurring
In her dreams, she doesn’t know where she is in it
And awake her thoughts are moving a mile a minute
So many emotions… so many voices
Can be silenced by hearing one but she’s just one of his choices
No wait—that’s another thought. Don’t mind this
I’m just trying to process this catharsis
Stopping the over-thinking but haven’t you noticed?
What happens when feelings are involved?
It turns minds into puzzles unsolved
To put this to a halt there’s a simple solution
To many it’s unheard of and only logical to some
It’s a fact –or a story- hardly ever told
Of how a heart can be turned stone cold
Look at the heart: red, bloody and beating
Takes a deep cut every time you’re emotionally suffering
Hurts to breathe don’t it?
And the brain wants to help ‘cause they’re connected
Thus the over-thinking but why not do this
Shut off the feelings and there you go
Turn that heart into stone
No more problems and things will naturally flow
Yeah sure, you’ll be alone
But it will save you and your soul
And your stone will remain whole
Not a heart with a hole
Two organs will be at peace and the world won’t unfold
This is how her heart was turned stone cold.


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