Fairytale Bullshit

What is a fairytale?

A fairytale is a dream given to us as a little girl,

To think there’s a prince charming out there in the world

That will love us and treat us like no other

And we would live happily ever after

And he would do anything for you

That it’s love that will always run true

But what is a fairytale…

It is betrayal

It’s what we want to see but can’t see through

When in reality he can’t see you for you

It is deceit

It makes you fall ill

And realize that to him you’re nothing special

They are lies

Lies that rob you blind

Tricking your eyes

And playing with your mind

Into believing

There is a prince charming

Fairytales…are lies, betrayal and deceit.

And now I know that we’ll never meet.


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