Alter Ego Series


I am everything that they’ve said I am.
Not just ‘that chick’.
But I’m much worse. So who do you believe, them… or me?
I’ll take your breath away and then make you suffocate. I’ll step all over you until I hear your bones break. Steal your heart, give it back, but only to make you eat your heart out. I’ll rob you of all your possessions in a second. Leave you in your filth and blood as I go and find my next victim. That’s who I am.
If you haven’t met me yet…
I’m everything they’ve said I am… but much worse.
So who do you believe?


I don’t know, this may not be me anymore… Is it her?
She likes to play, she’s coming out and taking over
She possesses this body and controls the mind in the blindness of anger
Laughing at other’s pain and speaking with the intention to hurt
She’s wearing a devious smile and darkness in her eyes
Walking with the purpose to kill, you can see all her innocence die
Burning bridges and slitting up throats
Giving no fucks ‘cause this bitch knows the world is cold
Holding a knife in one and a pina colada in the other hand
Enjoying the destruction she caused while she still can
But when the anger goes away so does she
And unaware of what she’s done, she turns back into me


“Did you really think you could get away from me?
Did you think you could go back to being good that easily?
‘Cause I am you, why can’t you understand that?
Just face it girl… we were born to be bad”
Another everyday battle at the bathroom mirror
With the bitch on the other side staring back at her
“Always mistreated, there’s miss good tryna do her best
But where has that gotten you? All sad and depressed
This little good bitch act had its run
But now come join me and we’ll have some fun
Two shots of that and have a drink of this
Who the fuck has time to sit down and reminisce
All the pain we suffered will be gone by tonight”
The smoke of temptation dance around her as she begins to lose sight…

Her eyes will get you, and have you curious
But be careful, as much as she’s mysterious
She is dangerous
…and so are those lips
She smiles that devious smile as she takes a few sips
And as she speaks
She can make you weak
Her words are poison
Touch is like venom
Bad in her blood, coursing through her veins
Can hardly hold any more restraint
Cheers to herself, this gunn be one hell of a ride
…but has the good in her…really died?


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